The San Jose Clubhouse is owned by We and Our Neighbor's and is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Their mission statement reads"We and Our Neighbors is dedicated to promoting educational and social activities among its members, preserving the historical clubhouse, and supporting worthwhile causes in the neighboring as well as greater community."  As part of their mission they would like to share their venue with individuals or organizations that would produce programming that would benefit the community. 

San Jose Clubhouse will be offering free rental space for up to 10 music, arts, cultural or educational non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals during the 2016 calendar year. Fill out the application to let us know how you would use the space and how it will benefit your organization and/or the community.  We are looking for a variety of programming including, but not exclusively:

  • Music Concerts      
  • Dance Performances
  • Author Readings 
  • Poetry Slams
  • Arts & Crafts Workshops
  • Cooking Classes
  • Visual Art Exhibits
  • Film Screenings
  • Theatrical Production
  • Comedy
  • Educational Programs

Where is the San Jose Clubhouse located?

San Jose Clubhouse is located at15480 Union Avenue at the corner of LG Almaden in San Jose, CA. Directions

What type of facilities are available?

The San Jose Clubhouse has a Main Ballroom, Anteroom, Stage with Large Screen, Kitchen, ADA Restroom, Hardwood Floors and there is limited parking onsite with a large lot across the street.  See Pics

Do I need to be a non-profit organization?
No, you can be an individual or business but your event should somehow benefit the community. 

Can we charge admission or sell goods?
Yes, 501(c) non-profit organizations can use the facility as a fundraiser and keep all the funds. Businesses or individuals who are charging for services or goods and making a profit may need to provide a donation or split the revenue with the We and Our Neighbors non-profit who owns the building. 

Rental Date Restrictions: There are no restrictions on what date(s) you request. You may request a date up to one (1) year ahead of time. You are more likely to be approved for a date that does not include a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, as these are popular rental days. If a weekend date is requested you may be approved for a 50% discount. 

Application Deadlines: 
Deadline to submit applications are due on the 5th day of each Month. Applications will be reviewed and approved before the end of each month.  

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