Jane Talks is a monthly speaker series named after We and Our Neighbors' founder, Jane Cilker. Each month will celebrate an era highlighting the progress and contributions of women in the past 125 years in the United States of America. Jane Talks Speaker Series takes place at:
We and Our Neighbors' 
San Jose Clubhouse
15480 Union Avenue
San Jose, CA 95124

Countercultures & Cults
September 28, 2017
6:30 - 8:30pm
In the 1960s, the decade infamous for its anti-conformity, cutting edge youth embraced  the civil rights and peace movements. Later they turned inward, rejected traditional teachings and became intrigued by non traditional spirituality, including Hare Krishnas, Moonies and the People's Temple. Learn what personal and societal triggers helped to draw people to countercultures and cults sometimes rejecting their own families and much of mainstream society. Discover how We and Our Neighbors Hall figures in scenes from The Rainbow's Daughter, Rogers' novel about a San Jose search group led by a charismatic woman. 

Presented by Lynn Rogers
Ms. Roger is the author of 13 books, well reviewed by Silicon Valley Metro and other media. Awarded Woman of Achievement by Penwomen of America in both arts and letters in 2011, and professor of Creative Writing classes. 

Mother Earth & Her Greenbelt
October____, 2017 (date is TBD)

Presented by Melissa Hippard, Loma Prieta Sierra Club
Melissa Hippard representing  the Loma Prieta Sierra Club which advocates for policies to protect our natural environment, support environmental candidates for public office, and provide opportunities for people who want to develop leadership skills to give back to the community and help the environment. Melissa is a resident of San Jose, has held professional positions in the Sierra Club (former Chapter Director), Greenbelt Alliance and Save our Shores, and is now with the Santa Clara County Parks Department.